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The 3D-IC Alliance was founded in 2005 as a consortium of integrated circuit designers, developers, and manufacturers. Its objective was to promote standards for three-dimensional integrated circuits (3D-ICs) in order to accelerate their availability and acceptance - a necessary endeavor that was not being pursued elsewhere. Industry-wide standards were needed so that semiconductor vendors could more easily implement 3D technology.

In 2008 the Alliance released IMIS™ (Intimate Memory Interconnect Standard), available for download on the Standards page. This standard reflects our initial focus on the standardization of vertical interconnect requirements such as pad sizing and spacing, interconnect keepouts, and materials.  In January of 2010 a press release from SEMI praised IMIS™: "This standard lays the cornerstone for memory-to-logic 3D integration and establishes a basis for future collaborative efforts in the industry.

Today, the industry's growing acceptance of 3D technology has led major standards bodies such as JEDEC and SEMI to take up the important mission of providing standards for the burgeoning field.

The 3D-IC Alliance has served its purpose and will now be dissolved.

Many thanks to all of our members for their active interest and participation - we congratulate you on a job well done!

3D-IC Alliance Founding Members:

Tezzaron Semiconductor Corporation

Ziptronix, Incorporated

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